No builders here, this is the Home Team, working their socks off to keep the ready-mix pliable and get it tamped before the next load. The rolling tamper was new to me – much improved over hitting it with a plank! This pit can be seen in action in "Three JCBs on the Pit with 3 Foragers, 10 Tractors . . ." video last maize season. For the record, this shed has been in use since last March. Filmed in Carmarthenshire, Wales.

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  1. Thank heavens for the roller screed,Alan.Wouldn’t want to screed & tamp that lot with a piece of 4 by 2. really enjoyed this series of vids,big project

  2. Ah yes I recognise this from the video you said, looks like some serious money must have been spent here! Screeding is certainly no fun with a bit of wood thats for sure! The roller is a god send!

  3. 20 years in the business in NYC and never saw that type of power screed. Not a bad concept but unless it vibrates as well I would imagine it wouldn’t be very effective in anything under a 5″ slump.

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