Watch us build a shed in under 2 min! Ponderosa Pines are New England's Leader in Custom built sheds for all of your needs. Please take the time and browse our website and YouTube channel. If you have any question please call us @ 781-585-4472 We look forward to building you the shed of your dreams!

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  1. Impressive, looks very solid. But why did you install so few (and such small) windows? Personally I would prefer more natural light to work by. Is it a security measure?

  2. Natalyaandall, a couple of people that knows what they are doing could finish something like this in a couple of days. The average Joe without all the proper tools to get it completed quickly. Will probably take 4-5 days to complete

  3. Unless your wood is free, then that shed would be mega bucks! Why double up the wood for an outside wall? You could build 2-3 sheds for the amount of wood you used!

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