This is going to be a 40 by 56 and it’s going to be somewhat of a storage building slash maybe like a little bar in the back, a man cave ish, so gonna be a nice little addition to the property. Pretty excited.

We’ve pulled all of our measurements to confirm our sides and ends are exactly where they want to be and then we pulled diagonals. I need your corner and this time we had to move at one time, so maybe we’re slipping, but it’s perfect now. Now we’ve got to lay out our x’s 1510 and a half, 2110 and a hand. 31 10 and a half, 39 10 and a half, 47 and a half.

Okay, got our molds all dug.

Well, we’re just going to come in here. We’re going to get them in, screw through this just to hold it while I bring it in my level. Then we’re just going to kind of kick some gravel right around this little crack around a tab and that just helps hold it in place while we pour. Ready Mix. That ready mix will just get poured right up to the top. We’ll c’mon Greg. The whole world now is gonna be like, Hey, oh, you guys can’t leave that back. Fill in that hole. You can’t do that. That’s gravel. That gravel will settle. All right, right.

so you can see here we’ve got a mark and that mark was measured off the corner of our bat board string and all he’s going to do really is going to eyeball this

get the cre to kind of form around that rebar. Greg didn’t set that the best off his eyeballs. You can see, but that’s okay. Now he’s going to jiggle it some more. That’s the official term on our site. How’s it look now? That’s pretty good. Cool. Let’s go Greg, get out of here.

all right. We’ve got all of our walls laid out. Well Scott, we always do our sidewalls first. Once those are stood up, then we come back and we’ll do our [inaudible] walls. Why? I don’t know. It’s just how we do it. That’s our process processing working for us. So we’ve got all of these laid out. We’ve got our curt’s all cut.

we’ll work on our back end.

Ooh, we are working that day. I don’t know if it’s a weather change or one day one you got three walls of Pearland made trustees just got dropped right off the truck. Literally. We’re going to get them all lined up on the end. Then they’re perfect. The mark, the top bottom trust to what we want our measurements to meat, credit connect those lines that we were nice and efficient instead of running marks on every stinking trust cause on a big building. Again, that’ll get somewhat tire. Seven tedious we’re going to get the trust is up. I think at day one, this 45 56

I just finished the first day. We’ve never really got to make sure that when we leave tonight it’s gonna be all race in writing his hand up to England or any weather that might come. Our ways get might now get a secure. Okay.

we’re going to get this head stood up, get it put in its place. We’ll finish the front wall framing on this wall.

and we will start framing in our overhang. We’ve got a two foot overhang. As you can see. We’ve got to finish these purlins that we couldn’t wrap up on day one and once we get all of our overhangs on we’ll get her straightened out and getting ready for some roof. Be honest man. We are ready to rock this one. Um, it looks like we got everything we need.

just knocked out the roof. Whenever we do an interior, we always build our, our window boxes. So these are matched to our width on our coast. You’ve got house ramp Nolan, you got Wayne’s Koch getting punched. We’ve got our beef trim, we’ve got our bottom house ramp on windows in. We’re ready to run weights coat around the whole building.

getting the door installed. I always put a couple of blocks on the top. That way it can’t fall out.

the south side done got all of our south facia done. We got the back end wall

man Friday. I don’t know if you know what time it is but I know it’s getting late. I’m trying to wrap up the details on this garage door header. We got some clipped corner and a little bit of difficulty just with getting everything framed out, trimmed out. We’ve got this wall about half dug past halfway. Just got to finish it out and then we’ll be onto this front wall.

it is a big push and I’m really slacked off the video to hopefully to go pro and Rino timeline. Amarillo pick up enough footage. I will say this, what we do around these rocks is after we run our house ramp and come in and we put two by two around the perimeter and that gives us our solid blocking at our door. Janitors. One of the main reasons I bought this scissor lifting up when we got set up for the magazine, 40 foot in length. When you double fold it out both sides so that we can run the ceiling, we put all of our ceiling upside down on some of the plastic wrap and shit. It set it onto some lumber. So there’s lumper underneath each of these rip facings. That way we can, uh, we can walk on and no damage and then we’ll be lifted up right up to the ceiling. The mega deck is invaluable.

Nothing else to run. Ceiling this is going to be three quarters. Why would for this section, cognitive can be a mezzanine set with the cube by small patterns doing, you can be able to pack attached to your floor. Joyce

well signs on that means my job here is done 40 by 56 residential garage slash man cave in the back with a bar mezzanine. It’d be concrete poured. I think they’re going to be coming in here today or tomorrow to doing the final grade so they can pour concrete. I know the question always is why don’t you pour concrete before you build? Well, because we need this. We need our grade board on the inside, the poor against because this is a floating slab and it just floats in the middle of this building. This building does not stand on that slab. That slab is strictly, they’re just for a hard surface on the inside. If you want to see more, hit the subscribe, show me some love, leave me some thumbs up on the videos. That’s the only way for me to grow is to get some good, um, positive feedback showing or telling me how I can improve these, what you guys are looking for, tips, tricks, uh, what techniques, methods, you know, specific details of the build that really got you thinking and you want more info on next. The whole point. Hopefully through them somebody is going to learn or maybe they will reach out to me seeing what I’m doing and helped me learn a better way. If you’re not learning, you’re dying. So if someone wants to told me, and I believe it, perfect little size for a residential garage. So, uh, thanks for following along guys. It was a good one for me. Hopefully you enjoyed it and hopefully see you around in the next

Building A Large Post Frame Garage Full Time-lapse Construction: NEVER BEFORE SEEN FOOTAGE

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