This is the video I wish I had when I was trying to decided what shed was going to be the best option for me.

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  1. good looking, quality build you have there. Nice work. That said, you have some construction knowledge and tools, where most people don’t. Like you, I’ve already got all the tools I need and enough knowledge to build my own. The pride and satisfaction of a “job well done” (along with the detail given to make sure it’s done correctly) is why I do most of my own builds, repairs, etc…including a shop/shed. Clearly, if you have the tools, time, and know-how….build your own. By the way….what interstate is that you’re living next to?! Damn, that constant noise would drive me crazy!!

  2. We built our shed in a couple of weekends. All we had was a sketch I made on a piece of graph paper. I sized everything to use full sheets of material to maximize size for cost. The 8X12 shed cost about $700 and we painted and sheathed the inside with OSB so we could hang stuff wherever we wanted. The small amount of scrap OSB we had was used to build shelves inside. A similar sized shed at HD was over $1200, no interior sheathing, no paint, and no shelves. The main tools used were a circular saw, a framing square, tape measure, and a hammer, if we didn’t already own these tools the money saved would have paid for them and more.

  3. Let me address a few things that keep coming up in the comments. I get it the video is a little shaky sorry about that. Also the shed cost me $740 without the cost of shingles which I already had.

  4. Definitely build your own. I got a pallet full of shingles for my 9×16 (10′ sidewalls) shed for $1 from a local building materials auction. Also I lucked into some 3/4 premium t&g subfloor for 1 cent per sheet. They were clearing them out at the local home depot. I only needed 5 sheets but ended up buying all 46 sheets. So now I have a bunk of free plywood for sheds for my friends. I also picked up a 3’x3′ Pella pro line slider for $5 from the auction place. So, if you have patience you can do it on the cheap. If you get a wild hair and decide you want a shed this weekend then go ahead and spend 2-5K for a prebuilt shed with short sidewalls at the big box.

  5. Nice shed. I agree with the quality problems you pointed out at Lowes and HD. I’ve also seen several that had floor problems. They seemed like they could barely support me!

  6. Dang, Bro… I went around and priced 8×12 sheds at Lowes, Home Depot and Menards and had a heart attack. They were cheap and junk. When you told me how much your project cost I was more than impressed. Thanks for your video!

    1. Yeah what it all comes down to is the time it takes. It took me about 7 days to build this shed mostly just working in the evening since it was so hot out.

  7. There is no question that, by building yourself, you will get a much better result. I built a 12’x20’ garage-size shed with a rollup door, full insulation, electric (full sub-panel with multiple 120 and 220 circuits), drywall and custom barn doors for about $7,000. I used Zip System panels, made my own trusses and made my own barn doors. It has vinyl siding that matches the house, 12” overhangs all the way around and has two vinyl windows. I built it entirely by myself. I did use a skid foundation, but that is because the site has 4’ of compacted modified crushed stone that has settled for five years.

    It took quite a long time. I am very proud of it. But it was a serious commitment of time, effort and tools (most of which I had). Something so large isn’t for everyone. For a smaller shed like yours, I would say that if you know your way around tools and basic techniques, go for it.

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