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Roofing can seem a little overwhelming. Join us to learn a simple proven system that anyone can build.

We don't need birds mouth joints to build this shed alone.
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    1. Works for me as well for 18 years except for those times when it don’t and then I realize just how hard headed I am. It’s sorta like being a child. You say something like this “Lord get this spec out of my eye and I’ll never do it again.” Wash rinse repeat. Good stuff great show

  1. I’m a middle class guy who needs a new shed. I love this so much better than the Toronto shows that use the most expensive materials and require the highest skill level. Presented by a failed actor who never sweats or gets dirty in multi camera colour corrected 4K. I don’t learn anything from those.
    It had to be an Ottawa guy to make a video where costs matter. You distilled a decade of experience to make the complex simple and accessible. You even allowed yourself to make the project imperfectly. You totally show up those TO guys. Their videos now look like vanity projects pretending to be how to videos.

    1. Channels like this is for us everyday kind of people. Easy to follow and all you need is basic tools, safety squints optional… Another channel you might like that is similar to this one is “Country Life Projects & Living”.
      Thanks for taking the time to put content like this out there.

    1. Hey. just stumbled across your videos. Liking them so far. Ive got a question about the pent roof. I’m thinking about building a shed/Garage 20 x 16.5 ft (due to planning). Can i use this pent roof design on the 16.5ft span? if so, what size after would you recommend? Thanks

  2. Great quality video!!! Love your ideas. And the shed turned out great!! My new go to channel for home improvement how to’s! Thanks, Jeff. 🙂

  3. Ok, I really enjoyed the video. It’s real, I can laugh on how many thing I do the same.
    Again great video, wish you were in Hawaii to help me with some of my projects.

  4. One thing I really love about this type of roof is that, if you can face the door north, that means your entire roof is exposed south, which means you can install solar panels over the whole thing and have POWER in your shed without running a power line. Should at least be enough power to run a couple of LED lights inside as well as charge up your tool batteries.

  5. This is really a great idea; especially for a shed. After scoring the sheet metal it is easier to “break” it if you bend away from the score, not over the score.

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  6. I must have missed the part where you explain how you Attached the roof frame to the walls. How is the roof frame you built fastened to the walls?

  7. Jeff I’m about to start my 12×10 shed tomorrow. I found your video awesome! I particularly liked how you did he angle for the front over hang, I will definitely use that trick! I have a question about he back overhang ,do you just flip angle from the front over( I hope that makes sense)? Thanks for all the great advice Jeff!

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