APOC AP-1 construction adhesive and sealant is a great product. It remains flexible over time, doesn't crack, is better than silicone caulk. Full info @ https://www.apoc.com/products/ap-1 (sponsored by APOC)

Benefits of APOC AP-1 Green Seal Heavy Duty Construction Sealant and Adhesive:
* Seals gaps to prevent leaks – no shrinkage over time
* Sticks to most materials – it’s a powerful, universal construction adhesive.
* Remains flexible unlike some other construction adhesives
* Seal lasts over time because it doesn’t shrink
* Bonds and seals most construction materials
* Green Seal has low VOC and is odorless
* Permanently flexible and waterproof
* Unlike Silicone, it can be painted
* Available in white and grey

Surfaces must be clean from dust and debris for proper installation.
APOC AP-1 is an all-purpose, paintable, structural adhesive and sealant that can be used in a wide variety of industrial, commercial and residential applications. It forms a highly flexible, elastic and waterproof seal, exceeding the rigorous demands of the professional contractor. Green-Seal is isocyanate free and low VOC to minimize impact on the environment while being safe and strong.

AP-1 Applications:
* roofing
* solar
* siding
* general construction
* landscaping
* plumbing
* many other applications

AP-1 Green-Seal bonds to most building materials including:
* glass
* wood
* masonry
* block
* asphalt shingles
* tile
* aged single plies
* insulation
* foam
* aluminum
* metal
* many other substrates
* Not recommended on smooth surfaced asphalt

It performs under the toughest conditions, including extreme rain, desert heat, freeze thaw cycles and sub-zero temperatures.

Use instead of caulk, silicon, and many other tube products.


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