Robert JohnsonHi, I’m Robert Johnson. I’m a regular guy that likes working in my shop in the evenings and on weekends.

I work on computers for a living so my days can sometimes get pretty intense.

Woodworking is a great stress reliever for me but it is also something that I just enjoy doing.

I’m not an expert craftsman by any means but I enjoy learning new techniques and creating things by hand. I’ve been doing this for about twenty years now so I’m not a beginner by any means.

I started out by reading woodworking magazines and then trying to create some of the projects I read about. Some came out pretty good and there are some that we won’t talk about! But the main thing is I learned from each project and from the mistakes that I made and that my skill level improved as well.

I hope you enjoy woodworking as much as I do and that you are able to find useful tips and projects on my site.

Thanks for visiting and come back anytime for updates.