Welcome to part 6 of our shed build showing the house wrap and window installation. In this video we show our house wrap installation, which prevents air and water from getting into the shed, but still lets water vapor escape to prevent rot and mold inside the walls. We also show how to properly flash and install a window with a nailing flange.

Thanks, again, to everyone who helped us out on this step!

This will be a 12'x24' wooden shed with a single slope metal roof and LP SmartSide siding.

I'll try to summarize some of the construction stats/key points here:

– 12' x 24'
– 4' x 4' treated skid foundation
– 2" x 8" joists @ 16" OC
– 3/4" plywood subfloor

– 2" x 4" construction with double top plates
– (3) 3' x 2' sliding windows
– DIY double door – 59” x 80”
– 1/2" OSB sheathing
– House wrap
– LP SmartSide paneling

– 16' x 27'
– 1.5-in-12 pitch (minimum recommended by metal roof mfr), single slope
– 2" x 8" rafters @ 24" OC
– 1/2" plywood sheathing, with sheathing clips
– Synthetic roofing paper
– 29 gauge galvalume metal roofing panels (3' x 16' each)

Please let me know down below if you have any questions or comments, and stop back to see everything go together. Thanks for watching!

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22 Responses

  1. Instead of cutting the top just over lap the rap at the top . No cutting but the top off the corners. The house rap raps in the each opening not cut off out side. then your tape goes over the rap . Built many homes and out buildings. Just saying you can do it your way it is your place not mine .

    1. Yeah, I saw that was one of the ways many people do it, as well.  There were several different methods documented on YouTube, so I just picked one and went with it.  Hope it works out!  Thanks for the advice!

  2. That came out great Brian. Love the way you did the window, I’ve never seen it done that way but it looks like it will work just fine. The one piece house wrap was a great idea as well. Thanks for another great video

  3. Brian, awesome job brother. And you explained it well. I had to get certified to install Pella windows and they didn’t do as food a job as what you did. Found me a new way to install windows. Love it. Keep up the good work.

    1. Give us a shout!  Hopefully, I’m building a wealth of good experience here.  I’ll probably still be worried about it until it stands the test of time.  Thanks!

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