Welcome to part 3 of our shed build showing the wall framing. We decided not to sheath the walls before standing them, as we had originally intended. We had a few reasons for making this choice:
– make them lighter and easier to lift
– prevent high winds from pushing too hard before everything is situated and connected
– get us to the roof build faster, which will provide some rain protection

We also chose to replace the "standard" door from our design with bigger double doors that we will make ourselves. This bigger opening will replace our door opening and one window opening from our design.

This will be a 12'x24' wooden shed with a single slope metal roof and LP SmartSide siding.

I'll try to summarize some of the construction stats/key points here:

– 12' x 24'
– 4' x 4' treated skid foundation
– 2" x 8" joists @ 16" OC
– 3/4" plywood subfloor

– 2" x 4" construction with double top plates
– (4) 3' x 2' sliding windows
– 36" x 80" metal prehung door
– 1/2" OSB sheathing
– House wrap
– LP SmartSide paneling

– 16' x 27'
– 1.5-in-12 pitch (minimum recommended by metal roof mfr), single slope
– 2" x 8" rafters @ 24" OC
– 1/2" plywood sheathing, with sheathing clips
– Synthectic roofing paper
– 29 gauge galvalume metal roofing panels (3' x 16' each)

Please let me know down below if you have any questions or comments, and stop back to see everything go together. Thanks for watching!

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    1. Thanks, Mark.  I’m sure some people will think I’m long-winded (and I sometimes am!), but I like to explain things to help others, as well as to prove to myself that I know what the heck I’m talking about!  Often, as I walk through my thought process with others, I uncover mistakes in my logic.  I like to be as prepared as possible, even though mistakes will always occur.  Glad you’re liking it.  Come back for more!

    1. Got pretty warm (around 100) through this step, but we actually got a nice little temperature break while working on the roof shortly after this.  Stay tuned!

  1. Your part 1 ended with a bonus dance floor scene. A little disappointed no bonus this time.
    The clouds building up in the background on day 1 was cool

    1. Dang!  Sorry about that.  We’ll try to work some more in on future videos.  We just barely noticed the clouds, too, right before we published this.  Pretty neat to see in fast motion.

  2. Great wall build. So nice to see a DIY homesteader building a decent shed instead of hauling another toxic, rusting steel shipping container out into the desert!

    1. Thanks, David!  Can’t say we didn’t consider it, but would kind of go against several of the reasons we’re doing this in the first place.

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