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21 Responses

  1. Who’s ready for Day 6, the fun episode? Hanging 2×14” Fascia, Sheeting the Roof, going to be so rewarding!

    After watching this video, I noticed I mentioned having 2-3 guys all day multiple times throughout the video.. Dropping down to 3 guys makes me a bit nervous, but we’re still aiming for that 7 Day Finish.. Hopefully we make it!

  2. Great work dude and your team. I know you have been doing this for a long time but, please dude safety always first! Ive seen to many people in the ER with nails in hand or foot or elsewhere. Please i dont want you to have to call home and say i shot myself with the nail gun.

  3. Hey man I watch a lot of your videos and don’t usually comment but will do.. I build water treatment plants so it’s nice seeing some good ole framing. Idk about you but here in Florida i’ll change my shirt 3 times a day sometimes, it gets so humid you sweat non stop

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