Have you ever wanted to find new woodworking projects easily and quickly?

If you’re like me then you are probably tired of looking through stacks of woodworking in magazines trying to find that one that has the instructions for the project that you are ready to start.

teds-woodworkingHow would you like to have woodworking plans (actually thousands of them) available to you anytime you wanted them?

And organized in a fashion that lets you easily find them so that you can get started on your project immediately?

Well,I have great news for you. I just came across a site with over 16,000 downloadable woodworking plans.

Here is my honest review of the plans from Ted’s Woodworking:


Ted Mcgrath is a very dedicated and experienced woodworker who knows what he is talking about when it comes to woodworking and DIY projects as he has been a woodworker for many years.

If you want to start a woodworking project, you need all the necessary information, including schematics, blueprints, materials lists, dimensions etc. The plans from Ted’s Woodworking are clearly drawn and there are step-by-step explanations of how each project should be put together.

In Ted’s Woodworking you will get everything you need:

-Diagrams which are detailed with a full set of dimensions

-Step -by-step instructions how to start your project

-The necessary materials for that particular project

-All the woodworking tools you will need

woodworkingIf you are a beginner or have done some woodworking you will find these plans easy-to-follow as the instructions are very clearly written.

Even if you are a total newcomer to woodworking you will be able to master all the techniques that are needed and the woodworking skills very quickly by following the concise and clear instructions.

Another thing which is so great about these woodworking plans is that there are some videos included to guide you in how to build benches, home furniture, dog houses, bird feeders, sheds and much more.

There is also a lifetime member access area included in the package so you can check back for updates. That is an incredible feature of this package.

When you order Teds woodworking package you will also receive these 4 bonuses:

  1. Free drawing and CAD plan viewer
  2. 150 premium woodworking videos
  3. How to Start a Woodworking Business Book
  4. The Complete Woodworking Carpentry Guide

The complete woodworking carpentry guide (a 200 page guide with carpentry tips and tricks) is very useful for beginners and the premium videos can help any woodworker to hone his carpentry skills


There are only two drawbacks that I could find:

First, with 16,000 woodworking plans you are bound to get some which look a little disorganized but that is understandable as it is very difficult to place all these plans into their proper categories.

Secondly, it might take you a little while to do the downloads  because of the amount of project plans you will have access to.

But the members area does include an option to upgrade to have a DVD shipped to you so won’t have to download everything to your computer.

Bottom line:

furnitureThe product comes with a 60 day money back guarantee and if you are not completely satisfied with what you get, you will receive your money back.

If you are planning to start on your woodworking project, this isn’t something you SHOULD use, it’s something that you would be insane not to.

You can join thousands of other hobbyists, beginners, craftsmen and professionals by letting Ted’s Woodworking give you the blueprints, plans and step-by-step directions to create stunning, professional woodworking projects, effortlessly and on time.