DIY wooden shed plans has detailed instructions for building many types of wooden sheds. All of the simple shed plans include a complete materials list as well as details on what tools you will need in order to build the shed.

The downloadable plans are laid out with tips and tricks to help anyone, regardless of carpentry skill level, successfully build a backyard shed.

Every plan has illustrated pictures showing the intricate details required to complete each step.

Here are just a few of the more than 12,000 wooden shed plans included in the downloadable pdf.

DIY Tool Shed

One of the most common sheds is a backyard diy tool shed.

Everyone needs a place to keep their lawnmowers, weedeaters and other yard tools so that they aren’t cluttering up the garage.

DIY tool shed plans allow every homeowner to build a nice looking shed that will help them stay organized.

Included in the kit are detailed plans for just about any size tool shed that you can think of. From laying out the foundation all the way up to the roof, these plans walk you step by step through the building process.

Garden Shed Plans


Garden sheds are another popular choice for homeowners to build.

These are great weekend projects that the average homeowner can build and then proudly show it off to friends and family.

Having a garden shed that includes a ramp for entry makes it very easy to store lawnmowers, wheelbarrows and other lawn equipment when not in use.

It also provides a safe place to store fertilizers and pest control chemicals safely out of the reach of young children and family pets.

How to Build a Garden Shed

To build your garden shed you need to start by picking the size of your shed and the location that you want to build it.

Then you will need to prepare the site for your shed – measure out the area and stake it off with wooden stakes and some string.

You will have to level the ground so you may have to use a shovel or rent some equipment to do this.

Then pour in some compactible gravel and tamp it down so that it is level.

Once that is done, you can begin laying the foundation for your shed by following the plans for the shed that you are building.

Next you will learn how to build the floor for your shed and then you will learn how to build the walls for the shed.

Once the walls have been framed you can move on to building the rafters for the shed roof and then building the shed roof.

The next step is the shed siding, followed by building windows for the shed.

Finally, you will learn how to build doors for the shed and how to build a ramp for the shed if you need one.

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Barn Style Shed Plans

Barn style sheds provide a classic Americana look to your backyard. That is one of the things that has made them a very popular choice over the years.

People also like the functionality of a shed with barn doors though. It makes it very easy to move larger equipment or materials in and out of the shed.

Barn style shed plans come in a variety of sizes to fit almost any backyard but the most popular size as a 12×16 shed.

How to Build a Barn Style Shed

Building a barn style shed will follow the same steps as the garden shed. The only real difference is when you get to framing the roof and the doors.

They will use different styles than a garden shed but the concept is the same. The end result is a shed that resembles an old style country barn.

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Lean to Shed Plans

For homeowners that have a small yard, lean to shed plans provide a great solution.

Plus they are easier to build since one side of the shed will be your house or another building in your yard.

There are dozens of styles of lean to shed plans included in the course so you should be able to find one that will fit in the available space and suit your style.

Storage Shed Plans


There are hundreds of storage shed plans included as well.

From very simple storage shed plans to highly intricate, very detailed shed plans, you will find one to suit your storage needs.

There are many sizes of shed plans – 8×8, 8×10, 10×10, 12×16, etc. so you won’t have to worry about trying to adapt a plan to fit the size you need.

Firewood Storage Shed Plans

Many homeowners just need a simple way to store firewood so that it isn’t sitting out in the open getting wet when it rains. Firewood sheds can also keep you from getting wet if it is raining or snowing outside and you have to go get more wood for the fire.

Having a firewood storage shed also helps keep pests like snakes from making your firewood stack their new home.

Work Shed Plans


How many times have you thought about projects that you could do around your house but you don’t have any dedicated workspace?

Building a work shed in your backyard can make that problem go away.

You can build work sheds of almost any size with the included plans in this kit.

Wooden storage buildings are one of the most commonly desired items for homeowners. They can be built by anyone who can follow easy, simple to read instructions. They don’t require that you are a professional carpenter. Detailed instructions on which tool to use and how to use it are included in this course.

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